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Deactivation in T-minus....

I held out as long as I could, but I just don't see the point in keeping up my lj account anymore. I'm hoping to start archiving some of my posts and will probably be deactivating my account in the next month. We've had some good times lj, but everyone is on facebook now and nobody loves you anymore.

I still say fuck facebook, I still refuse. If anyone cares though I am on both Goggle + and deviant art and will continue to update those.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

I'm a pretty pony

My costume for this year. Won again at the big costume party this year, cause I'm awesome. I made the wings, the ears, and the top myself. The top is made from fleece so it's very warm.

fluttershy 9

my cup runneth over

There has been an abundance of survival horror in my life lately. I grabbed Silent Hill Downpour, and that was a good bit of awesomeness. Played through three time and like Homecoming, got all the achievements, or cheevos, as douchetards refer to them. Before I even finished playing that though I had started up Spirit Camera on the 3DS. It's basically Fatal Frame 5, not that we ever got FF 5 stateside due to Nintendo being asshats. It was a lot of fun and still has some replayability if I want to delve into it deeper. I started up Resident Evil Revelations, but only got through the first chapter before I downloaded Alan Wakes' American Nightmare. The new Alan Wake was holy crap good despite being a short download game. Absolutely loved it. So while I really need to get back into RE Revelations, I've got the Silent Hill HD collection coming in soon. Don't know how long I can keep chaining my survival horror addiction, but I'm all for it.

inspiration is a two way street

You know normally when I talk about writing with my friends if we're having trouble we say things like "my muse isn't talking to me" or "my muse is upset with me". Lately though I actually haven't been talking with her. She keeps whispering in my ear at the most inconvenient times or when I just don't feel like doing anything. So she's actually trying to get me to write, it's just my turn to ignore her. Hopefully she I and will sync up sometime soon. We really need to work on our scheduling.

need...3ds xl....grah!

Went to walmart today and just stared at the 3ds xl. I want it soooooooo bad! Walmart didn't have any games I really needed though or I might have bought it. Amazon for reasons I don't understand doesn't really seem to stock 3DS's so that option is also out. Grah, don't know what to do. I NEED IT!

I'm not okay, I promise...

The Todd is gone, long live the Todd. I will rock out to his memory.

cannot die

the death cannot die. woot'


Why do orcs have tusks?

I don't understand it, but I like it.

I think I want tusks....


The last Metroid is in captivity, the galaxy is at peace...


After realizing the fist set had a lot of unintentional rhyming I decided to try doing the whole bit in rhyme. Let me know which version you prefer.

Three gods of death sang for the ending of all things.

The first offered up a Dirge, lamenting the dying of the lands and light.

No sun would pierce the clouds, no moon for wolves to howl ,no stars to shine at night.

The wind was silent, the water stagnant, all would wither and die before the blight.

The second chanted a Requiem, mourning the fall of man.

From greatest noble to poorest pauper, champions fought and cowards ran.

All were consumed in his wake, no power brought against him could stand.

Last was given an Elegy, for the passing of the gods was nigh.

Their powers spent, their worshipers gone, no hope remained, yet still they try.

Til at last the gods fall silent, knowing that even Death may die.